Forthright Open Roleplay

Forthright: Coming 2017

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You Are In Control

Blend genres effortlessly with these easy-to-use rules, building the world you want to play. Be a barbarian starship pilot in the wild west, a magic-wielding crimebuster in the far future, a mastermind with an undead army of followers, and more! Will you be remembered as the hero of your story … or its villain?

Forthright Open Roleplay is intended to give the smoothest play experience by setting expectations up-front through a Game Charter, giving players the ability to blend genres without having to memorize extra subsystems or do extra math, and make dramatic task resolution quick and clear through non-binary on-the-die results. It blends classic best-practices with traditional roleplaying style (Guide-and-Protagonists) and storygame flavor (the effect, and not how you achieve it, is what matters mechanically).


  • Fast play and light preparation
    • Collaborative game creation and campaign rules
    • Focus on motivations and stories, not numbers
    • The Cosmetic Rule: What matters is the effect, not how you get it
  • Know the consequences before you roll
  • On-the-die results for fast action resolution
    • Less math, more dice-rolling
  • Build your own playbook / class by assembling Fighting Styles, Personas and Skillsets
  • Assemble minions to do your bidding
  • Rewards completing goals, not just killing monsters
    • Players define their own rewards based on their unique story
  • Quick, intense combat
    • Stunt system for tactical use of your environment
    • Seamlessly integrate personal and vehicle combat
    • Easy masss combat rules
  • Accept death on your terms
  • Invent new rituals and devices
  • Create your own sanctuary
  • Control your own faction and domain
  • Make friends of enemies and enemies of friends
  • Manage your fame to become a legend

This game is designed for:

  • 2-6 Players
  • 1 or more Sessions
  • 1-4 Hours per Session
  • Action and Adventure


Gaming While Driving, James Carr

Garibay on RPG, Scott Garibay


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