Commissions and Payments

Effective August 23, 2017

  • Any changes to these Commission and Payment Rules will not apply to any Artwork currently in production, only on new Commissions.
  • Advance notice of any changes to these Commission and Payment Rules will be provided to all Artists with active Commissions 15 days before they take effect.
  • Room 209 Gaming (hereafter “Room 209”) will not offer work to any Artist who has not agreed to and signed the Room 209 Gaming Work-For-Hire Agreement.  The Work-For-Hire Agreement covers all artwork pieces by Artist for Room 209.
  • All work requests by Room 209 are for individual pieces, and a separate Artwork Commission Invoice will be agreed to and signed for each individual piece of artwork.
    • Room 209 accepts Artist quotes at face value; if we deem a quote for a piece too high, we will not proceed with that piece with that Artist.
    • Room 209 at this time will only pay for art as piecework work-for-hire; Room 209 will not pay hourly wages or set salary.
  • Room 209 will provide a down payment upon acceptance of an initial sketch or layout for an individual piece of artwork.
    • Down payments will be equal to one-third the Artist’s quote for the completed piece of artwork according to the Artwork Commission Invoice.
    • Down payments will be payable within 7 days of Room 209’s acceptance of the initial sketch or layout.
  • Room 209 pays for individual pieces of artwork within 30 days of Room 209’s acceptance of the individual piece of artwork.
    • Artwork should be in PSD format in 600 dpi unless otherwise requested or specified by Room 209.
  • Room 209 will pay Artists using the following methods, selectable by the Artist:
    • PayPal (Preferred)
    • Business Check (by mail)
    • Western Union
    • Alternative method of payment agreed upon by both Room 209 and Artist
  • Room 209 will pay any fees collected by payment method that would otherwise be deducted from the Artist’s payment (e.g. Paypal fees, Western Union fees, etc).
  • Room 209 will require a Form W-9 to be filled out by any US-Resident Artist whose total payments from Room 209 will exceed $700 within a calendar year.