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Protip: Wait on Art

Hi, everybody! This week I’m going to talk about something that’s bitten us on the behind a little bit.  When we first sat down to develop Forthright Open Roleplay, we knew what we wanted to do.  So much so that we started commissioning art for it.  And then we started changing what we wanted to do.… Read More »

Know Your Goal

Hi all! This week I’m going to talk about the best piece of game-design advice I know how to give:  knowing what you want to do. This doesn’t just boil down to “I want to make a game.”  This is about knowing what you want to accomplish with your game:  what form do you want… Read More »

On GMing Playtests

Hello everyone and happy 2015! For the first post of the year, I’m going to talk about something we learned in 2014 about running playtests.  Ray Watters has run the majority of our local public playtests, but in 2014 my day-job responsibilities finally were out-of-sync with my weekend-convention opportunities, allowing me to actually get some… Read More »