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Happy Post-Thanksgiving Shopping Weekend!

Thanks to fabulous new magics, we are able to bring you the voice of Lotho himself as he wishes you a happy post-holiday spending spree:   It is I, Lotho Green, of world famous (or not so much) Green Mercantile!  I am here wishing you a happy tidings now that you have eaten your turkey… Read More »

The Character Art of Arthur Asa

Hello once again! We haven’t shared some art in a while, and thought it was high time to share with you some of the work of Arthur Asa, the most recent of the fantastic artists working with us to make Infinite Earths amazing.  Arthur hails from Mexico and has an incredible eye for detail.  He’s been able… Read More »

The Flags of our Fathers

Hello once again! We’ve been chattering on for a while now, so we figured it was time once again for some art and a little story behind it.  The art in this post was created by Nathan Nelson, a freelance artist out of Richmond, Virginia who does some absolutely fantastic artwork with amazingly pristine lines.… Read More »

A Landscape of Ideas

Hello again! This week I found myself laid low with first a mild bit of food incompatibility, followed by a rather nasty cold.  While suffering from that, writing up a set of QuickStart character creation rules for an upcoming demo, and redesigning the Talent system slightly to reduce unnecessary complexity and speed starting play, I… Read More »