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Assholes and Game Spaces

Everyone has met, and has had to deal with, assholes. They’re everywhere: in our workplaces, in our families, in our neighborhoods, in our online spaces. They are, unfortunately, also in our game spaces. Game spaces are supposed to be places where friends gather to enjoy going on adventures together, to tell stories to each other,… Read More »

WHY’S THAT? Commune with Deity

In the Forthright Core Rulebook, the first example of a Manufacturing Project is the classic D&D spell “Commune with Deity.” It reads as follows: COMMUNE WITH DEITY (11 Complexity) This ritual allows the spellcaster to have one conversation with a divine being. Deities reside on a higher plane of existence, which counts as Extreme Range (10… Read More »

ERRATA: A Tougher Fight

Combat in Forthright can seem (or be) pretty easy, especially if you’re facing a lot of Minor NPCs. Even grouped into Mobs, they can be kind of a pushover. We’re adjusting that with this errata: Mobs cannot be Hindered. The number of Minor NPCs that will attack the Protagonists for a fair fight is increased… Read More »

ERRATA: Hello, More Player Options

Three of the changes in the Errata were driven by listening to player feedback and electing to provide improved player options. The first of these is a change to the Deadeye Fighting Stance: Deadeye Range is now “Close and Long Range Attacks.” Deadeye Technique is now “When in Deadeye Stance, the character’s Fight Check Exchanges… Read More »

ERRATA: Goodbye, Hindering Strike

Welcome to 2019! Rather than talk about each change in the Errata at length in a single (tremendously long) post, we decided to break it up. This week, we’ll address the removal of Hindering Strike and the addition of a replacement mechanic: A Boon can be spent to apply a Hindrance to the target of… Read More »

The Redacted Files: Home of Lost Hope

And now it’s time for some ACTUAL PLAY! Click through the link below to hear part one of Home of Lost Hope being played by the awesome folks of the Redacted Files! 191 Forthright Open Roleplay: Home of Lost Hope pt 1 [Forthright]