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Killing Protagonists

Today’s question and answer is about something multiple readers have found weird with the game: Why does a player have to agree to their Protagonist being killed? This rule stands at the heart of Forthright, and is the culmination of multiple design decisions made during development: The story played through the game is the story of… Read More »

Building Vehicles and Structures

In the Forthright Open Roleplay Google+ Community, Omari Brooks recently asked a very good question: When crafting/purchasing vehicles and structures outside of character creation; what is the expected calculation method for Complexity? This is a great question because it illustrates the difference between a Sanctuary and an extra vehicle or structure in addition to a Sanctuary. Sanctuaries have a… Read More »

The Final Stretch

Near the start of 2017, I went dark on social media to focus on completing Forthright Open Roleplay, with the intention that it would be published this year. And, happy news: we’re on track for publication in October. Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve been up to: Finalized the text for the game, reducing it from over… Read More »