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Information about our playtesting sessions and process.

Moving On from Metatopia

Hello again! Last week I talked about some of the lessons we’d learned from attending Metatopia 2014.  This week I’m going to talk about how we’re planning to turn those lessons learned into changes for the Forthright Open Roleplay system and core rulebook. To begin, we’re starting over fresh.  There was a lot of fluff and fiction… Read More »

Adventurers, not NPCs

Hello! The Infinite Earths roleplaying game divides a character’s “class” into three different roles chosen at character creation: Fighting Style, Persona and Vocation.  In the earliest iterations of the system, we had an expansive array of Vocations, the role that provides a character with non-combat skills such as Knowledge and Stealth.  What we discovered through playtests, though,… Read More »

Infinite Experience, Part the Final

I’ve talked for a couple weeks now about the philosophy of the Infinite Earths experience system. Today I’d like to walk through an example of how it works in an actual adventure. Room 209 Gaming’s upcoming “Escape from Monthos Vil” adventure (still on schedule to be released, with quick-start rules, in June) focuses on soldiers… Read More »

Quickstart Character Sheet

Hello once again! I’ve spent most of the past week at a conference, so I wasn’t able to do much.  However, Sarah’s been very proud of the character sheet she’s been developing since we started working on Infinite Earths back in 2011.  And it’s at a stage where we’re not really modifying it too much any more.… Read More »

Infinite Earths Quickstart Demo Feedback

We’re back from the Raleigh Tabletop Roleplaying Game Master’s Fair earlier today, and we got a lot of good feedback. Two players who had never tried our system before sat down and made their own characters using the Quick Start rules. The third player was helping run the event so he chose from a list… Read More »

Introduction and Character Creation

Hello! This week, as promised, we present the Introduction and Character Creation rules for Infinite Earths.  You can find the file containing the Introduction here and here.  These rules cover the following: Introduction The introduction covers what our goals for Infinite Earths are, the basics of how the game is played, and the roles both the Players and… Read More »