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Holy (character) Sheet!

Hello and welcome! Sarah has recently completed the redesign of the Forthright Open Roleplay character sheet for Beta 3, and this week we’re going to share it with you.  The latest design was heavily influenced by Jason Morningstar’s Visual Design as Metaphor talk at Metatopia.  But before we do, I want to take a look back at… Read More »

Still Hard at Work!

Hello again! We’ve been very productive this week, so we don’t have much to say here except that we’re up to almost 45,000 words with 7 and a half chapters done.  Have a happy New Year, and we’ll see you in 2014!

Christmas 2013 Progress Report

Hello once again! It’s been a long time since we’ve given a progress report, so let’s have one!  What kind of progress has Room 209 Gaming made over the past year? Well, back in spring, we scrapped almost all the work we’d done up until that point.  We’d found ourselves falling into a trap of Pathfinder / 3.5 D&D-eque thinking,… Read More »

Light Armor

Hello! With folks looking toward the holidays and ourselves working on preparing a metric ton of surprises with our open beta materials (and a new website. . .with a new name and a new logo. . .), this month’s posts are going to be quick and fun. We decided, like we did for weapons, to simplify and… Read More »

Immersion and Emergence

Hello and welcome! This column’s going to be a little more personal than they usually are, so fair warning: I’m going to get more than a bit into why we’re building what we’re building by delving into my own psyche.  What you see inside this column may feel to you to be an attack on… Read More »

Tension and Situational Design

Hello once again! This week I’ll be continuing our discussion of Fail-Next and Situational Story Design by exploring how to build and maintain tension.  To recap, Fail-Next is the method we’re using to build the challenges in Infinite Earths adventures, wherein nothing required for the story is dependent on dice-rolling and failures identify clues on potential… Read More »

Situational Story Design

Hello again! Last week, I introduced our concept of Fail-Next Design.  To recap, there are no “partial successes” in the design of Infinite Earths.  Instead, when actions are met with failure, this acts as an indicator to Players and Guide alike that something else must be tried to move the game forward.  Did you fail?  Try… Read More »