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Early Access Rules Offline

We’ve removed the Early Access rules from DriveThruRPG to prevent folks from getting confused and downloading those instead of the Creative Commons Edition or the Core Rulebook. For anyone interested in looking at the development process by comparing the different Early Access iterations, contact us with your email address and we can send you a… Read More »

2018 ENnie Nomination for Best Free Game!

Incredible news! The Forthright Open Roleplay Creative Commons Edition (all the text, none of the art) has been nominated for the ENnie Award for 2018 Best Free Game! You can cast your vote here. 2018 ENnie Award Nominations Congratulations to all the nominees! And for our fans, check your email: we’ve got some special celebratory deals on Forthright products… Read More »

New Book Announcements, Q2 2018

Hello everyone! We’ve been quiet for a little while because we’ve been working on new products, and didn’t want to make any announcements before we were confident we would be delivering what we announced 🙂 With that, let’s talk about NEW BOOKS … and more! Home of Lost Hope Home of Lost Hope is the first… Read More »

No Issue with Mobile File Formats

After researching the apparent issue with our ePub, MOBI and AZW3 files, we’ve found that there are some file readers that mangle the files and others that do not. Since we can’t really pledge support for every software combination out there, and fixing the “issue” for some readers actually mangles the files for other readers,… Read More »

Issue with Mobile File Formats

We’ve recently been made aware of an issue affecting the mobile file formats – ePub, MOBI, and AZW3 – of Forthright Open Roleplay. This is affecting both the Creative Commons and standard editions of the book. These files may appear to be garbled, missing entire sections of the rules, or have pages out of order. We… Read More »

Alas, Comment Elsewhere

We’ve been trying to find a good commenting system for for ages. Something that emails us when a comment posts, something that doesn’t allow anonymous commenting. We settled on Facebook / Google+ comments for a while, but Google+ kept changing their design and breaking our comments, and Facebook didn’t let us know when a… Read More »

2017 Behind, 2018 Ahead

In 2017, Room 209 Gaming finally (after 5 years of development!) published Forthright Open Roleplay. Only our second product after Wear & Tear, we think it turned out pretty damned well and serves as the culmination of everything we’ve learned about game design since we started. But! We’ve got a long way to go. With Forthright finally in the… Read More »