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Company and game-related announcements.

Death Ground for Room 209

It’s been more than two months since Room 209 Gaming went radio-silent. Here’s why: this summer, at my day job, I took on a lot more responsibilities as a project manager. These responsibilities took more and more of my personal energy to meet, and continued to demand more and more, leaving me little to nothing to spare.… Read More »

Forthright Game Night!

Hello everyone! On Monday, June 6th, at 7pm Eastern we’re going to have a Forthright Game Night on Google Hangouts! If you’re interested in participating, let us know in the comments below, or join the Forthright Google+ Community where we’re organizing it! Have a fantastic holiday weekend and we’ll see you next week!

Dat Room 209 Plague

Today is Free Comic Book Day, go out and enjoy it! And go see Captain America: Civil War, I hear it’s fantastic! We’re still recovering from our plague here at Room 209, so we’re going to be quiet this weekend.

Now Available! Forthright Open Roleplay Early Access

The Early Access ruleset for Forthright Open Roleplay is now available on DriveThruRPG!  You can download them here. We also have a Google+ Community for discussion of the rules, play reports and announcements available here. Check them out!

Coming Soon! Forthright Early Access

Hello once again! The past several months have been rough ones here at Room 209 Gaming. All three of us have gotten varying degrees of very sick or very very sick, two of us suffered through layoffs in their day jobs, and we’ve been working to finish off Forthright Open Roleplay once and for all. The great news is, Early Access is… Read More »

Hibernation Complete!

Hello all and welcome to 2016! We here at Room 209 Gaming hope you had excellent holidays and a great new year so far.  We’ve spent the time away from the website writing the next iteration of Forthright Open Roleplay, taking into account all the feedback we’ve gotten so far and streamlining our writing style so… Read More »

Metatopia 2014!

Hello again! This weekend we are at Metatopia 2014.  We’ve already gotten some great feedback on the game that will make Beta 1.03 stronger, and we’ve still got a hi-test to go! We will share more later this week. See you soon!