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A Day At Night Rock City

Forthright Open Roleplay is, at its core, able to handle all sorts of adventures. Last weekend I got to experience this firsthand in a way that I had never anticipated thanks to a game we played with our editor, John Adamus. We brought John in because we wanted someone outside our design process to edit the book,… Read More »

Games I Have Loved

As I write this, I am recovering from both a nasty sinus infection and a bout with pneumonia. I’ve ample reason to complain about things as I have the past few weeks, but James Olchak convinced me I need to be more positive.  So today I’m going to talk about some roleplaying games I’ve loved,… Read More »

ICONS Play: Vengeance of the Capes

Hi everybody, and welcome back! Recently, I had the opportunity to GM a game of ICONS for some folks who aren’t part of my regular gaming group. I’d like to share the story of that adventure with you today. The world ended approximately one year ago. Fire coursed through the sky, and very few regular people… Read More »

Bounding Emergence

Hello and welcome! For the past two weeks, I’ve talked about how fudging randomized results makes randomization pointless in games, and about how the only difference between games and TV is the players’ ability to affect the outcome.  To be clear on that latter:  Emergent play is the only way to play explicitly because it’s the… Read More »

The Joy of Play

Hello again! This week I had a lovely, nostalgic feeling.  We’ve had cool, overcast weather here in Raleigh the past few days, and one day while I was out walking in it I felt like I’d stepped back in time.  I first started playing in October of 1995, and the weather feels about the same right… Read More »

100 Days of Writing

It’s now been 100 days since we began writing the Forthright Open Roleplay open beta ruleset.  As of this writing, it’s at 80,259 words and we’re partway through Chapter Ten: Arms and Equipment.  We’re hoping to get it out this week, next week at the latest.  This chapter has proven much more of a challenge than I… Read More »

Immersion and Emergence

Hello and welcome! This column’s going to be a little more personal than they usually are, so fair warning: I’m going to get more than a bit into why we’re building what we’re building by delving into my own psyche.  What you see inside this column may feel to you to be an attack on… Read More »