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This page lists the Blog Categories of the Room 209 Gaming Developer’s Blog and allows older posts to be easily accessed.


These posts are special news announcements from Room 209 Gaming.

Playing Forthright

These posts are designed to provide new content and examples of play from playing Forthright Open Roleplay or one of its Gamescapes.

Con Reports

These posts are breakdowns of convention experiences Room 209 Gaming or its members have had.

Building Forthright

Forthright Open Roleplay was designed in the open, over the course of five years. The game and developers’ opinions changed significantly during that time, and many of the older posts in this category will not reflect the final content of the game. We maintain this section of the site to remind us of who we were and how far we’ve come over the years, and to share with other developers in the hopes that they may learn from our experiences or see something of themselves in us.