About Us

Room 209 Gaming got its start in 209 Teague Dorm at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  In the early days, “Room 209 Gaming” was just a group of friends enjoying hours and hours of roleplaying a week.  Over time, we developed more and more homebrew rules, campaign settings and adventures, so in early 2012 Room 209 Gaming, LLC was founded to further develop and publish these gaming materials.

Room 209 Gaming is:

Bryan R Shipp

Bryan R Shipp was introduced to roleplaying on October 15, 1995 with AD&D 2nd Edition and Planescape, and has never looked back.  Bryan feels most comfortable behind the screen, having GMed the second session he ever played and hundreds of hours since.  Because of his late start in gaming, his take on storytelling has never relied on monsters and dungeons but nevertheless remains strategy-heavy.  After gaming with Pathfinder Society and the Raleigh Tabletop Roleplayers, he decided to create Room 209 Gaming to produce game materials in this non-dungeon-based style.

Bryan serves as Lead Game Designer for Room 209 Gaming.  He has worked on developing roleplaying games on-and-off since 1997, and even contributed to Sword & Sorcery Studios’ Relics and Rituals. Almost 20 years of storytelling and more than 10,000 pages of material are being condensed down into the Oryn: Legacy of the Sun campaign setting and Forthright Open Roleplay.

Bryan’s storytelling generally focuses on the moral dilemmas facing heroes, and how the consequences of the decisions they make ripple across the world.

Ray Watters

Ray Watters always had an interest in roleplaying, even developing primitive roleplaying systems derived from Choose Your Own Adventure books and Final Fantasy games when he was a child.  He met like-minded gamers once he was in college and roleplaying became his entertainment of choice.  Throughout the early 2000s, Ray GMed numerous far-reaching campaigns and developed two game worlds that will be developed into Room 209 campaign settings.  He has also long been an advocate for rules simplification.

Ray serves as an Editor and Game Designer for Room 209 Gaming.   He also keeps an eye on trends in the gaming community, with an especial watch on needs that aren’t being met by currently on-the-market products.

Ray’s storytelling generally focuses on combining science fiction, horror and fantasy together in unique blends, and he is committed to avoiding ye olde tropes.

Sarah Perry-Shipp

Sarah Perry-Shipp has been roleplaying, largely as a player, since middle school.  She, too, brings a non-traditional perspective to Room 209’s game development, as she did much of her early gaming in rules-light play-by-email games and with niche systems such as Big Eyes, Small Mouth.

Sarah serves as the face of Room 209 Gaming; she maintains this website, and also maintains Room 209’s presence on social networks such as Facebook and Google+.  She also serves another, even more vital role:  she is our Lead Game Breaker, a job that sees her aggressively trying to exploit rules systems to catch any unintended design consequences.  As the only founder of Room 209 Gaming who is not chiefly a GM, but chiefly a Player, she provides a vital player-focused perspective that helps make sure the rules are fair for both sides of the gaming table.