ERRATA: A Tougher Fight

By | January 19, 2019

Combat in Forthright can seem (or be) pretty easy, especially if you’re facing a lot of Minor NPCs. Even grouped into Mobs, they can be kind of a pushover. We’re adjusting that with this errata:

Mobs cannot be Hindered.

The number of Minor NPCs that will attack the Protagonists for a fair fight is increased to 3-4 Minors per Protagonists.

The first is a specific clarification, because we’ve had a lot of folks since the publication of Forthright ask how they can Hinder a Mob. Since a Mob is a collection of up to 4 enemies really close to each other that group their stats, there are two elements at play here:

  • It’s one set of stats so the Guide can track it easier, and you can hit it like it’s a single target.
  • It’s multiple people, so it counts as multiple targets.

The result of those two elements put players and Guides in a twilight zone: since you can harm it like it’s one target, you should be able to Hinder it. But since it’s multiple targets, it should require multiple attacks to suffer a Hindrance.

In order to ensure that Mobs are more challenging than single Minor NPCs, and to prevent players from potentially wasting their time by trying to Hinder a Mob, this Errata clarifies that Mobs cannot be Hindered.

You gotta beat up that whole gang of dudes trying to smack you around. That’s part of what makes Mobs more challenging, and why facing a lot of enemies isn’t necessarily swell.

Also, after having played Forthright for over a year post-publication, we found that 2-3 Minor NPCs was providing “something for the Protagonists to beat up on,” rather than a challenge that might actually be able to injure a Protagonist.

The NPCs noticed, too, and they decided they’d rather get another guy in to fight, to give them a better chance. They’ll probably still lose, but they might blacken your eye when they do.