No Issue with Mobile File Formats

By | April 5, 2018

After researching the apparent issue with our ePub, MOBI and AZW3 files, we’ve found that there are some file readers that mangle the files and others that do not. Since we can’t really pledge support for every software combination out there, and fixing the “issue” for some readers actually mangles the files for other readers, we won’t be updating the files currently available, as they have the broadest range of compatibility.

We have tested and confirmed compatibility with the latest versions of the following readers:

  • iBooks
  • Kindle for Mac
  • Kindle for PC
  • Microsoft Edge Browser
  • Nook for Android
  • Nook for iOS
  • Readium Chrome Extension

We have additionally confirmed that the following readers are mangling the file:

  • Nook for PC
  • Simple ePub Reader Chrome Extension
  • older versions of any reader may also exhibit issues displaying the mobile file contents

Finally, we’ve learned that some third-party PDF software will crash when attempting to display or print the form-fillable game sheets. We have added non-form versions of the game sheets to the PDF packages at DriveThruRPG, Indie Press Revolution, and Bits-and-Mortar to help ensure the best experience for everyone.

Our apologies for this issue. If you encounter any others, please let us know!