New Book Announcements, Q2 2018

By | April 7, 2018

Hello everyone! We’ve been quiet for a little while because we’ve been working on new products, and didn’t want to make any announcements before we were confident we would be delivering what we announced ūüôā With that, let’s talk about NEW BOOKS … and more!

Home of Lost Hope

Home of Lost Hope is the first full adventure release for Forthright Open Roleplay! This adventure follows a group of investigators entering a creepy old house that shifts and changes around them. Once inside, they encounter an assortment of haunts and must make their way to the dark heart of the Home and destroy it if they hope to escape with their lives!

Fully illustrated in color by Arthur Asa, here are some sketches of the creepy images you can expect to see:

Coming in at 48 pages, Home of Lost Hope has new monsters, new Boosts, and new Traps for your Teams to encounter. Look for it in May at DriveThruRPG in both PDF ($7.99) and Print + PDF ($12.99), and at IndiePressRevolution in Print + PDF for $12.99!

Antagonists and Allies I: Demihumanity

We weren’t originally planning on creating any monster manuals, because we didn’t want¬†Forthright¬†to be a game about killing monsters. But our fans have spoken and we have listened, and we’re currently developing the first in our line of Antagonists and Allies books. These aren’t just monster manuals, though – they contain new Boosts, new rules, guidance on running enemies of the Team, new Factions, and complete historical and cultural writeups of every species making an appearance within the book. You will be able to identify what different Species would look like in fantasy, steampunk, dieselpunk, modern, postmodern, and futuristic settings, with specific rules on culture-altering events.

This first book will focus on classic demihumans – not just the fellowship races, but¬†all¬†the classic intelligent humanoids players might encounter in their adventures. We’ve also added some of our own, like the wasp-like Baqir and the cat-like Felidar. Over 40 different Species are making an appearance in¬†Demihumanity. Look for it in the back half of 2018.

Guidebook I: Battlefield of the Mind

We were originally going to produce a single Guide-facing book, the Guidebook, to help Guides more easily incorporate their ideas into¬†Forthright. As we reviewed the content, though, we realized that much of what we were going to collect in the Guidebook would be better served as articles here on If we’re going to ask for cash for something, than by gum it’s going to be something worth your money. So instead, we’re going to put that content up on this site¬†for free¬†and focus on specific genres for Guidebooks.

The first Guidebook, Battlefield of the Mind, covers a longtime favorite topic of Forthright co-designer Ray Watters: PSIONIC POWERS AND MIND CONTROL! Battlefield extends the core rules to cover Subversion, a unique mind-control method that allows players to experience a clash of wills against minds not their own. This book features new rules, new Boosts, new antagonists and allies, new factions, and new Gamescape ideas for your games! Look for it in the back half of 2018.

Actual Play

One of the things we’ve been weak on are videos or podcasts of¬†actual play. We’ve been working on this since December, and I’m proud to say we’ve got some announcements on this front as well!

Later this month, I will be running an actual play of¬†Home of Lost Hope for the Redacted Files podcast. We’re not sure when they’re going to be airing it (lots of factors there), but that’s something to look forward to! And a special thank you to Megan, Jonn, and the rest of the Redacted Files crew for having us ūüôā

We’re also doing some work to create our own demos of actual play and put them on YouTube. We’re going to try and get those out in late spring / early summer, but this is a whole new sort of endeavor for us, so there may be delays.

Thank you so much for reading! We hope you’re as excited about these new developments as we are. Happy gaming!