ERRATA: Attacking Outside Your Range

By | March 10, 2018

When we first built Forthright, we wanted the different Fighting Stances to feel very different and support a particular kind of playstyle. The Deadeye, for example, was supposed to be far away or get far away early in a fight. The Juggernaut was intended to get up close and personal with the enemies. The Guardian could choose to be close to enemies or close to the allies he wanted to guard. The Whirlwind and Tactician were the most flexible, being able to attack in both Close and Long Ranges.

But a common question we’ve gotten is, “but what if my Deadeye wants to attack closer than 30 feet?” Or, “What if my Juggernaut picks up a gun? Why can’t he shoot it more than 30 feet away?”

The reason, and it’s a very gamey one, is that doing these things did not support the playstyles of the Fighting Stances. The idea there is that you either switch Fighting Stance to use the best Stance for your situation, or you get into a position where you can use the powers you’ve got. This is to help keep combat from becoming static contests of two people standing next to each other trading blows, which can get stale pretty quick.

But we overestimated the appeal of differentiated playstyles (or, alternately, underestimated the appeal of static combat). There are also situations where characters are trapped in a corner and it doesn’t feel fictionally appropriate for them to shoulder past their enemies and haul butt to fighting distance. So, for those situations where you need to attack outside the listed Range for your Fighting Style:

Your Fight Check is Dropped when attacking a target that is not within the listed Range of your Fighting Style and is not at Extreme Range.

What this means is that Deadeyes can attack targets in Close Range with a Dropped Check and Juggernauts and Guardians can attack targets in Long Range with a Dropped Check. Targets in Extreme Range still cannot be targeted for attacks with the default Fighting Styles, though tools or abilities may be crafted to allow this.

This isn’t a great option for these characters. It means they’ve got a 30% higher chance of doing no Harm and a 35% higher chance of being Exploited when attacking this way. But if their Fight Bonus is high enough, that’s not a terrible risk to take. Either way, it’s more options, and we here at Room 209 Gaming like options 🙂