Alas, Comment Elsewhere

By | February 3, 2018

We’ve been trying to find a good commenting system for for ages. Something that emails us when a comment posts, something that doesn’t allow anonymous commenting. We settled on Facebook / Google+ comments for a while, but Google+ kept changing their design and breaking our comments, and Facebook didn’t let us know when a comment appeared (so, if you commented on old-ass content on this website using Facebook … yeah, sorry we never noticed you).

Lately we’ve given just plain old WordPress commenting a shot. And boy, do predatory Payday Loan scams really want your business.

So we’re shutting down commenting on this site – there was so little commenting going on here that the effort of killing the spam comments (or paying to get a better plugin) just isn’t a good business cost for us.

But we still want to hear from you! So please, join our Google+ Community or chat with us over on Facebook or Twitter!