Silver Seller and Special Offers!

By | November 7, 2017

Forthright Open Roleplay has moved up to a Best SILVER Seller, thanks to all our wonderful customers! Thank you!

Two other announcements:

  • If you playtested with us and have not been contacted by us, please reach out to us by clicking here so we can provide you with a special discount coupon.
  • If you used a special discount coupon and did not also get a copy of the full-art PDF with your physical copy, please reach out to us by clicking here so we can send you the PDF.

It’s been all quiet here on the western front because the week after Forthright went live, Sarah and I purchased a new home and moved into it. Anyone who’s moved knows what kind of chaos that leads to 🙂 And then, before we were finished, I went to Metatopia – and while the convention was wonderful, planes apparently don’t fly out of Newark when there are clouds in the sky and so I had to drive from New Jersey to North Carolina in the middle of the night. Fun? No. But I’m back, we’ve got a new business plan and exciting news coming soon!