Building Vehicles and Structures

By | November 11, 2017

In the Forthright Open Roleplay Google+ Community, Omari Brooks recently asked a very good question:

When crafting/purchasing vehicles and structures outside of character creation; what is the expected calculation method for Complexity?

This is a great question because it illustrates the difference between a Sanctuary and an extra vehicle or structure in addition to a Sanctuary. Sanctuaries have a built-in discount: their Luck and Defense are determined by what the player describes their Protagonist wants for a Sanctuary, per the rules on page 58 and 60 (special note: rules references are to the full edition of the game; Creative Commons readers will find the pages slightly earlier). Protagonists get one Sanctuary for free.

Structures or Vehicles that aren’t Sanctuaries, though, have a basic cost. The Launch Boost (page 61) illustrates this basic cost:

  • For 1 Boost (6 Wealth), you get a single-occupant vehicle with 5 Luck and no special Defense. This vehicle moves at whatever speed is appropriate for the type of vehicle it is within the Gamescape.

You can then add additional Luck (and, if desired, the equivalent occupant capacity) through the Increase Vehicle Luck Boost. Any additional subsystems can also be added through the application of more Boosts.

Remember, though, per page 63: basic abilities that make the vehicle usable, such as Life Support and a Powerplant, are not counted out as additional Boosts. Forthright doesn’t try to model the cost of all subsystems, only of subsystems that provide storytelling advantages.

Unfortunately, we’ve discovered we accidentally left a hole in the rules in that there’s no equivalent “starter” Boost for structures. For structures, we recommend purchasing a number of Increase Structure Luck Boosts equal to the size of the structure you want to create (page 58). Guides may choose to give the appropriate Defense Boost for free, though this isn’t necessary.

We hope this provides some helpful clarification on playing Forthright!