Now With Special Offers!

By | October 22, 2017

Forthright Open Roleplay is live and available on DriveThruRPG – but you may have already known that, because we are METAL baby!

A special thank you to everyone who’s supported us – we are profoundly grateful. And we’d like to share something else we’re grateful for, thanks to Jason Pitre and Genesis of Legend Publishing: From now until the end of October 2017, Genesis of Legend Publishing will offer a free PDF of the Spark Roleplaying Game for every person who buys a physical copy of the Forthright Open Roleplaying Game. Email genesisoflegend at gmail a copy of the DriveThruRPG receipt to get your free PDF. This offer is retroactive and will apply to anyone who already took the plunge!

We’ve got a couple of other announcements today:

If you playtested with us and have not been contacted by us, please reach out to us by clicking here so we can provide you with a special discount coupon.

If you used a special discount coupon and did not also get a copy of the full-art PDF with your physical copy, please reach out to us by clicking here so we can send you the PDF.