Monthly Archives: January 2017

Meet the New Skillsets

Skillsets in Forthright Open Roleplay have long been represented by the term “Vocations,” but we’ve found over time that using that word was very limiting. For Open Beta 0.05, we began re-examining our suppositions about skills, and one of the first things we did was change the name Vocation to Skillset. We poured through our substantial library… Read More »

Meet the New Personas

The social roles of Forthright Open Roleplay, Personas, have undergone more changes than any other aspect of the system. We’ve experimented over the years with as few as one and as many as fifteen at a time, but every iteration has felt limiting in one way or another. Limitations are not in and of themselves bad… Read More »

Meet the New Fighting Styles

The Fighting Styles of Forthright Open Roleplay have gone through several iterations as we’ve been building the game. We’ve been aiming to distill the fundamental gameplay down into truly different tactical choices without overlap. Back in the day we started with 15 (!), and the currently-available Open Beta 0.04 has 10. For 0.05, we acted on feedback… Read More »

Combat Luck

One of the elements of Forthright we’ve not been satisfied with up to this point is the use of two different hit point mechanics in the game: Resolve for living beings and Durability for objects and equipment. We’d kept them separate because we didn’t want Durability of living beings to imply that each attack against a person… Read More »