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2017 Behind, 2018 Ahead

In 2017, Room 209 Gaming finally (after 5 years of development!) published Forthright Open Roleplay. Only our second product after Wear & Tear, we think it turned out pretty damned well and serves as the culmination of everything we’ve learned about game design since we started. But! We’ve got a long way to go. With Forthright finally in the… Read More »

Merry Christmas from Room 209 Gaming!

Merry Christmas and happy last-week-of-2017! If you’re interested in picking up a print copy of Forthright Open Roleplay, this is the last week they’ll be on sale for 20% off MSRP at DriveThruRPG! After the new year, the only discounts available for print editions will be from FLGSes. Get them while they’re cheap! We hope you have… Read More »

Strong, Ultra, and Your Game

Today’s advice comes from some recent great questions in the Google+ Community from Omari Brooks: What’s the best way to introduce and use Strong and Ultra Attack / Defense into play? Strong and Ultra Attack / Defense are not intended to be a natural progression that all games should have. They are listed in the Superhuman Boosts… Read More »


When we first started Room 209 Gaming, we tried to do everything by-the-book by following accountant and attorney advice. One of the things we were advised to establish was a Non-Disclosure Agreement for playtesters. This NDA was intended to protect our intellectual property and reputation, and would also ensure that if we discussed game rules… Read More »

LESSONS LEARNED: Design is Political

When we set out to make first Infinite Earths and later Forthright Open Roleplay, we didn’t have political intentions – we just wanted to make a damn good game. What we learned very quickly, though, is that you cannot design a game that somebody, somewhere, isn’t going to read as having a political agenda of some kind or another. And… Read More »

Now Available at Indie Press Revolution!

Forthright Open Roleplay is now available at Indie Press Revolution! Having a distributor means we’re also now going to show up in stores that carry IPR games. Still want the print + PDF bundle? Not to worry! We have joined the Bits And Mortar Initiative, so you will be able to get your full-art PDF package… Read More »

Killing Protagonists

Today’s question and answer is about something multiple readers have found weird with the game: Why does a player have to agree to their Protagonist being killed? This rule stands at the heart of Forthright, and is the culmination of multiple design decisions made during development: The story played through the game is the story of… Read More »