Yearly Archives: 2017

Building Vehicles and Structures

In the Forthright Open Roleplay Google+ Community, Omari Brooks recently asked a very good question: When crafting/purchasing vehicles and structures outside of character creation; what is the expected calculation method for Complexity? This is a great question because it illustrates the difference between a Sanctuary and an extra vehicle or structure in addition to a Sanctuary. Sanctuaries have a… Read More »

Metatopia 2017

Hello and welcome! It’s been a few weeks since my last non-announcement post because we’ve been terrifically busy. Not only is Forthright Open Roleplay now available (and a silver seller!), but Sarah and I moved to a new house (and corporate office, I suppose) and I headed to New Jersey for the one-of-a-kind Metatopia. I didn’t bring… Read More »

Silver Seller and Special Offers!

Forthright Open Roleplay has moved up to a Best SILVER Seller, thanks to all our wonderful customers! Thank you! Two other announcements: If you playtested with us and have not been contacted by us, please reach out to us by clicking here so we can provide you with a special discount coupon. If you used a special discount coupon and… Read More »

Now With Special Offers!

Forthright Open Roleplay is live and available on DriveThruRPG – but you may have already known that, because we are METAL baby! A special thank you to everyone who’s supported us – we are profoundly grateful. And we’d like to share something else we’re grateful for, thanks to Jason Pitre and Genesis of Legend Publishing: From now until… Read More »

You May Fire When Ready

After five years in development, one name change, and multiple complete rewrites, Forthright Open Roleplay will be going on sale exclusively at DriveThruRPG tomorrow! If you have playtested with us over the years, you should have received by now an email, Meetup message, or Google+ post from us about a free or discounted copy of the game.… Read More »

Table Experience

Forthright Open Roleplay focuses on providing players with a specific table experience rather than a specific narrative or emotional experience. The following descriptions are to provide perspective, and no judgments are being made on the superiority of one experience or another. Each game does their thing well, and there are plenty of people who are looking for exactly that. I… Read More »

Finalizing Our Look

One of the things we’ve kept in mind as we developed Forthright Open Roleplay is the final look of the product. At its largest, the text of the rulebook was 120,000 words long. With that many words, we were planning on releasing a standard 8.5 x 11 book with two columns and otherwise roughly approximating the look… Read More »