Monthly Archives: November 2016

Playtesting is Learning, Learning Is Cutting

We’ve been playtesting Forthright Open Roleplay in its various iterations now for almost 6 years. It started out as “just another d20” system, a paring-back of Pathfinder, and by the time 5th Edition was released in 2014 was so substantially similar to 5th Edition that we had to practically start over again from scratch.  In late 2014 we… Read More »

Goodbye Bolsters and Hinders

One of the earliest concepts we had for Forthright Open Roleplay was the Bolster / Hinder mechanic. This, as it turns out, is functionally the same as the D&D 5e Advantage / Disadvantage mechanic. Only, in our case, it’s less meaningful. In D&D 5e, Advantage and Disadvantage provide a varying value dependent upon how difficult the roll is. This makes… Read More »