Death Ground for Room 209

By | October 22, 2016

It’s been more than two months since Room 209 Gaming went radio-silent. Here’s why: this summer, at my day job, I took on a lot more responsibilities as a project manager. These responsibilities took more and more of my personal energy to meet, and continued to demand more and more, leaving me little to nothing to spare. Room 209 Gaming had to take a back seat to that, because Room 209 Gaming didn’t make me money – my day job did.  As of last Wednesday, that’s no longer an issue, and I am now self-employed.

What’s that mean for Room 209 Gaming?  Well, I’d decided long ago that when I left my day job, I would focus all my efforts and energy on Room 209 Gaming – and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing. My days will now be spent full-time working on Forthright Open Roleplay and the Gamescapes that will support it. In the past week, I’ve already written up 50 pages of material for Parliament of Stars, a sci-fi setting (more on that later!).

Sun Tzu wrote in the Art of War that generals needed to create a “death ground” for their troops: back them into a corner and surround them by enemies, so that they would either succeed or die. This technique is intended to make them fight harder by creating new heights of urgency, resourcefulness and improvisational creativity.

And that’s exactly what I’m doing with myself as lead designer for Room 209 Gaming. No more will Room 209 Gaming – my personal dream – take second stage while I work on other people’s dreams. And I am blessed to have the talented Sarah Perry-Shipp and Ray Watters helping me with this.

Mid-life crisis?  Maybe. I am 39.

Stupid, foolish, risky?  Maybe. But that’s the point.

We only grow by putting ourselves at risk. By doing the unwise thing. If it were wise, we would already know to do it!  We only grow by having nothing comfortable to fall back on, by leaving our comfort zones and forcing ourselves to develop in new ways. I started that journey 4 years ago by creating Room 209 Gaming. So far, though, we’ve only put out a couple of things.  That’s going to change.

It’s time for Room 209 Gaming to gets its ass in gear and produce, or fall solidly on its face and be forgotten.  It’s time for me to produce or be forgotten.

Succeed or die.