Monthly Archives: June 2016

Early Access v0.04 Now Available!

We’re now entering the third month of the Forthright Open Roleplay Early Access, and we’ve got a lighter round of changes this month compared to last month. While we continue to tweak the language throughout the book for accessibility, we’re also examining rules that are pointed out to us as being just not engaging enough, or places where the terminology… Read More »

Deciding What Does and Doesn’t Belong

We’re now 2 months into Forthright Open Roleplay Early Access, and we’re focused on refining the ruleset to provide players and guides with the best possible experience. A lot of this involves deciding what does and doesn’t belong in the rules, and I’m going to illustrate some of that in this post to give some insight into… Read More »

A Day At Night Rock City

Forthright Open Roleplay is, at its core, able to handle all sorts of adventures. Last weekend I got to experience this firsthand in a way that I had never anticipated thanks to a game we played with our editor, John Adamus. We brought John in because we wanted someone outside our design process to edit the book,… Read More »