Monthly Archives: February 2016

Games I Have Loved

As I write this, I am recovering from both a nasty sinus infection and a bout with pneumonia. I’ve ample reason to complain about things as I have the past few weeks, but James Olchak convinced me I need to be more positive.  So today I’m going to talk about some roleplaying games I’ve loved,… Read More »

Too Much Talk, Not Enough Rule?

One of the most commonly-repeated words used to describe roleplaying lately is that it is a “conversation.” This has a lot of interpretations. Like, a looooot.  But I’m only interested in addressing one specific interpretation today. What I’ve seen, and I don’t know if it’s primarily influenced by the “conversation,” the classic “do-it-yourself” nature of the hobby, or some interaction… Read More »

The Terror of Getting It Wrong

I’m not a big fan of the adversarial GMing style. This is the technique of GMing wherein GMs are specifically trying to thwart the players in what they do. From “oh, you didn’t tell me you were going to put away your sword” to “here’s how your wish spell goes wrong,” this style of play is deeply rooted in… Read More »

ICONS Play: Vengeance of the Capes

Hi everybody, and welcome back! Recently, I had the opportunity to GM a game of ICONS for some folks who aren’t part of my regular gaming group. I’d like to share the story of that adventure with you today. The world ended approximately one year ago. Fire coursed through the sky, and very few regular people… Read More »