Hibernation Complete!

By | January 30, 2016

Hello all and welcome to 2016!

We here at Room 209 Gaming hope you had excellent holidays and a great new year so far.  We’ve spent the time away from the website writing the next iteration of Forthright Open Roleplay, taking into account all the feedback we’ve gotten so far and streamlining our writing style so that using the rules requires a lot less reading.  To wit, what used to be 230 pages and over 120,000 words is now 140 pages and 68,000 words.

You can see over on the right our new product box, which debuts the cover of Forthright by the indomitable Arthur Asa!

The rulebook is currently in the capable hands of editor John Adamus, who will be looking it over and teaching us how to not hate our readers.  We’re not releasing the current version to the general public just yet because we’re confident there’s lots of ways we can make the rulebook better, and John is helping us out with that.

We are meanwhile locally focus-grouping the game here in Raleigh / Cary, with folks who aren’t part of the design team running the game.  This is another avenue through which we’re making sure the text is easily understandable. Thank you, Dave Lehman and Jonn Perry!

We are expecting to release Beta 4, the Public Beta Edition of Forthright in late March 2016.  This will be a free release on DTRPG so folks can readily grab the ruleset and start playing it on their own.  We’ll be accepting feedback at contact@ this domain for six months, at which time we’re planning on publishing the finalized version of the game.  Woo-hoo!

Finally, we’re going to be re-organizing the Room 209 Gaming blog so that it’s about more general gaming topics, focus on specific portions of the Forthright rules, and other things that we may find of interest in any given week.  We’ll be using categories a lot more to help out with this.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to a great Room 209 year!