Monthly Archives: June 2015

Roll the Right Dice!

I’ve been thinking about dice mechanics as we develop Forthright Open Roleplay. The first pen-and-paper RPGs I played were GURPS 3rd Edition, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition and some of the original White Wolf games. So I tried out 3d6, d20 and dice pool mechanics all within a year of joining the hobby. The… Read More »

I Got Nothin’

This week we don’t have much of anything to say.  So we’re not going to waste your time by saying nothing 🙂  Come back next week!

Why Do So Many Players Murder-Hobo?

Hi everybody, I’ve been thinking afresh about murderhoboism lately, that situation wherein players kill (or attempt to kill) most NPCs they encounter and loot their bodies while moving, homeless, from place to place.  Specifically, I’ve been thinking about why that’s such a predominant part of the hobby.  Ultimately, I think, if it is a problem, it’s an unsolvable one because… Read More »