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Does A Game Have To Mimic a Genre?

Hi all, This week I’ve been thinking about one aspect of game design in particular: the mimicking of genre.  There’s been a lot of talk about how “System Matters” (even from yours truly), and I definitely agree with that sentiment.  But I’ve seen a lot of folks talking about how this essentially boils down to… Read More »

Social Experimentation

Hi everybody! A couple of weeks ago, I talked about how we stripped all rolling out of social interactions and made it purely a case of GM fiat.  As you might imagine, that experiment didn’t work out very well at all.  Not only did that remove the classic cues for players to identify how well… Read More »

A Flaw with Dispersed GMing

Hi everybody! Lately I’ve been steeping myself in reading (and playing) more narrative-based games, games where the majority of the content flows from the other players rather than through a single game master.  I think of these types of games as “Dispersed GMing” or “Distributed GMing” games, because the traditional functions of the GM (sovereignty… Read More »

Finding the Social Sweet Spot

Hi everyone! While literally every member of Room 209 Gaming spent last week sick, we had plenty of time to think about Forthright and the Beta 3 design.  We’ve been unhappy with the social conflict engine from Beta 2 for a while; playtests illustrated several flaws with it that kept it from doing what we wanted it to do.  It… Read More »

Sickness is Hindered Rolls

Every single member of Room 209 Gaming is sick.  I picked something up somewhere and passed it along to Sarah and Ray.  Blergh. I think in Forthright Open Roleplay we’re going to have a generic “sickness” condition that just Hinders every roll you make.  That seems about right. Blergh.