Public Service Announcement

By | April 11, 2015

Hi everyone,

This week we’re going to make a public service announcement for readers of this blog past and future, to help clarify the purpose of this blog.  Room 209 Gaming does not make statements about how all roleplaying for everyone should always be done.

This blog was created to chart our progress and thoughts as we explore game design, and opinions here expressed should always be taken in the context of what Room 209 Gaming does for itself, not what we think everyone else should do.  We are firm believers in diversity in all things, including gaming, and we welcome everyone to pursue their own interests.

So when you see us say things like, “we don’t want to see villains dressed in bondage gear,” as you will in our Art Guidelines, we are referring to art that we are interested in purchasing for our own products – not what we think all products from all producers should contain.  Likewise, when we mention that we don’t think Fate Points are a great mechanic for our game, we’re not saying that we think Fate is a terrible game that should never be played.

It has become de rigueur on the Internet to aggrandize everything, to make everything about ourselves and to characterize all conversation as some form of attack.  There is a certain culture of constant aggression that is unfortunate and destructive to its participants and to gaming as a whole.  That is not a culture that we at Room 209 Gaming appreciate or want to participate in.

We have, in the past, perhaps not been cautious enough with our wording that this point was clear, so we thought this public service announcement was in order.

Have a great weekend!