Monthly Archives: April 2015

Playing the Cultural Game

Hello everyone! This past week I had an interesting and enlightening discussion with Keith Slawson and Cameron Mount about the min-maxing subculture, why it came to be, starting character competence and playing the metagame.  I came away from the conversation with several good takeaways, some that I’ll probably be writing about on this very blog,… Read More »

Protip: Wait on Art

Hi, everybody! This week I’m going to talk about something that’s bitten us on the behind a little bit.  When we first sat down to develop Forthright Open Roleplay, we knew what we wanted to do.  So much so that we started commissioning art for it.  And then we started changing what we wanted to do.… Read More »

Public Service Announcement

Hi everyone, This week we’re going to make a public service announcement for readers of this blog past and future, to help clarify the purpose of this blog.  Room 209 Gaming does not make statements about how all roleplaying for everyone should always be done. This blog was created to chart our progress and thoughts… Read More »

Character Flaws

Hello once again! Recently, I’ve had enforced character flaws on my mind.  You’ve seen these in other systems – Fate Core‘s Trouble, World of Darkness‘s Vice, GURPS‘ Disadvantages, etc. – and they’re largely present to enforce a roleplaying aspect onto the player of how to make a character and story interesting and engaging.  These ideas have been around… Read More »