Monthly Archives: March 2015

D&D With Different Dice

Hi everybody! Today I’m going to talk about a piece of advice that was frequently given to us when we started designing:  play lots of different games.  This is, on the face of it, excellent advice.  But it’s unfortunately not complete advice, because you can play lots of different games and still build yourself yet another fantasy… Read More »

Meaningful Choice at Character Creation

Hello again! Over the past week, I’ve been pondering the purpose of choice at character creation.  Character creation is an opportunity for the player to create exactly the character he or she would like to play; you get to be who you want to be.  That is, ultimately, the purpose of character creation in a… Read More »

Game Systems That Get Out Of The Way

Hello and welcome! This week I’m going to talk about how I was wrong about something. I used to be a big fan of “game systems that are there when I need them, but get out of the way when I don’t.”  I espoused their value on this very blog.  I used to think that… Read More »

Know Your Goal

Hi all! This week I’m going to talk about the best piece of game-design advice I know how to give:  knowing what you want to do. This doesn’t just boil down to “I want to make a game.”  This is about knowing what you want to accomplish with your game:  what form do you want… Read More »

A More Forthright Resolution Mechanic

Hello all! So for the past couple of weeks we have been discussing swapping out the existing “die + bonus vs. difficulty, binary results” resolution mechanic in Forthright to “die + bonus, non-binary results.”  What this would mean is that instead of players rolling against a difficulty assigned by the guide, they would be rolling the die… Read More »