Monthly Archives: January 2015

Bounding Emergence

Hello and welcome! For the past two weeks, I’ve talked about how fudging randomized results makes randomization pointless in games, and about how the only difference between games and TV is the players’ ability to affect the outcome.  To be clear on that latter:  Emergent play is the only way to play explicitly because it’s the… Read More »

Emergent Play is the Only Way

Hello and welcome! Emergent Play in its simplest form is play which uses game rules to generate scenarios that might not otherwise have been considered by the players at the table in order for a more complex, less predictable story to emerge from the results of play.  For the player, this means that something can happen… Read More »

Fudging is Bad Form

Wow, that’s a controversial title, isn’t it?  I stand by it. Fudging is the practice of modifying a game mechanic result or keeping a game mechanic hidden in order to ensure a desired outcome.  When a player does it, it’s called “cheating.”  But for years and years, GMs have been taught by other GMs, by advice… Read More »

Holy (character) Sheet!

Hello and welcome! Sarah has recently completed the redesign of the Forthright Open Roleplay character sheet for Beta 3, and this week we’re going to share it with you.  The latest design was heavily influenced by Jason Morningstar’s Visual Design as Metaphor talk at Metatopia.  But before we do, I want to take a look back at… Read More »

On GMing Playtests

Hello everyone and happy 2015! For the first post of the year, I’m going to talk about something we learned in 2014 about running playtests.  Ray Watters has run the majority of our local public playtests, but in 2014 my day-job responsibilities finally were out-of-sync with my weekend-convention opportunities, allowing me to actually get some… Read More »