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2014: The Year In Review

Hello once again! In this, our last post of 2014, I’m going to look over the past year for Room 209 Gaming and see where we started, where we’ve ended, and figure out what progress we’ve made over the course of the past 12 months.  So, without further ado, here we go: This year we… Read More »

Distinction and the Character Sheet

Hello once again! This week we’ve been doing further work on character creation, stepping through the stages we shared last week and generally trying to find the weak spots.  As it turned out, there was one glaring weak spot that we had that caused quite a bit of contention and discussion:  the Distinction. Distinction was, at… Read More »

Beta 3 Preview: Character Creation!

Hello all! This week we’ll be talking about the new character creation process for Forthright Open Roleplay.  One of the things we’ve struggled with is providing lots of options to Players while, at the same time, providing a quick and streamlined character-creation process.  The main difficulty with testing this has been familiarity with the system –… Read More »

Promoting On-the-Spot Tactics

Roleplaying games are about making choices and dealing with the consequences. A series of choices meant to help achieve a larger goal form the basics of tactics in a roleplaying game. Games encourage different tactics based on which choices have the most impact on play. For example, an emphasis on character builds and options gained… Read More »