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Moving On from Metatopia

Hello again! Last week I talked about some of the lessons we’d learned from attending Metatopia 2014.  This week I’m going to talk about how we’re planning to turn those lessons learned into changes for the Forthright Open Roleplay system and core rulebook. To begin, we’re starting over fresh.  There was a lot of fluff and fiction… Read More »

Lessons from Metatopia 2014

Hello! Last week we attended the superlative Metatopia 2014, a game design conference / convention in Morristown, NJ run by Double Exposure.  This was the most well-organized convention I’ve ever attended, and the credit for that goes to Vincent Salzillo, Avonelle Wing and their excellent convention-support staff.  Between us, the three members of Room 209 Gaming… Read More »

Metatopia 2014!

Hello again! This weekend we are at Metatopia 2014.  We’ve already gotten some great feedback on the game that will make Beta 1.03 stronger, and we’ve still got a hi-test to go! We will share more later this week. See you soon!

Beta 3 Preview: Fellowship Changes

Hello once again! This week we’ll be talking about some changes to the Fellowship game structure we’re looking at for Beta 3.  The Fellowship structure is designed to encourage “team play,” giving the Players some benefit to having their characters work together to accomplish their goals. In Beta 1, the Fellowship was restricted to specific… Read More »