And Now, Guidance

By | October 18, 2014

Hello everyone!

Today is the day we finally release the Guidance chapter! It is available here and on the Forthright Product Page.

This chapter has been a long time coming, but we wanted to make sure we got it right.  This chapter contains advice on building a relationship with the gaming group, refereeing the Forthright Open Roleplay ruleset, building adventures, campaigns and Gamescapes, and crafting appropriate challenges for the Fellowship.

We designed this chapter to be appropriate for Guides of all experience levels, with a focus on new Guides just starting to play.  We felt that having advice on how to be a better Guide right there in the rulebook takes “good Guidance” away from being something extra that is learned from secondary sources to being a part of the way the game is played.  That’s especially important in a game such as Forthright, where the Guide’s ability to just fudge aspects of the game to “make the plot happen” is removed in order to promote emergent play.

Please give the Guidance chapter a read and let us know what you think.