Monthly Archives: October 2014

Beta 3 Preview: Magic Items

Hello and welcome! This week, we’ll be briefly previewing the rules from Beta 3 of Forthright Open Roleplay for magic items. As we were developing these magic items rules, we paid attention to myth, fantasy fiction, roleplaying fiction, other roleplaying games and video games.  What we found is that the concept of having lots and lots… Read More »

And Now, Guidance

Hello everyone! Today is the day we finally release the Guidance chapter! It is available here and on the Forthright Product Page. This chapter has been a long time coming, but we wanted to make sure we got it right.  This chapter contains advice on building a relationship with the gaming group, refereeing the Forthright Open… Read More »

Random Damage vs. Static Damage

Hello and welcome! As we iterate forward into version 3 of our Beta, we’re re-examining some formerly settled issues.  One of those issues is randomly rolled damage versus static damage.  Static damage is most often seen in systems where characters take specific kinds of Wounds, but also can exist in a system where, for instance,… Read More »

Wear & Tear is Now Available!

Hello and happy October! I am thrilled to announce that Room 209 Gaming’s first published product, Wear & Tear: Item Maintenance for any Roleplaying Game is now available exclusively at DriveThruRPG! This product is designed to be used with a variety of systems, and is intended to help players and GMs alike turn item maintenance into a fun… Read More »