Monthly Archives: September 2014

The Joy of Play

Hello again! This week I had a lovely, nostalgic feeling.  We’ve had cool, overcast weather here in Raleigh the past few days, and one day while I was out walking in it I felt like I’d stepped back in time.  I first started playing in October of 1995, and the weather feels about the same right… Read More »


Hello and welcome! This week we have a new chapter for your perusal: Chapter 14: Adventuring!  You can get it here or on the Forthright page.  Here’s a quick rundown of what you will find in this chapter: Scene Structure:  The arrangement of the major events that divide and define the story structure of a… Read More »

A Touch of Magic

     Garom finished packing his pipe and lit it with a firm pressure from his thumb, calling up just enough of the Fire to get the tobacco smoldering and smoky.  Tonight had been a good night; he’d won nearly a crown playing Three-Ante Pete down at the pub, and the weight of the silver had a… Read More »