Talents and Equipment are 1.02!

By | July 5, 2014

Hello and welcome!

This week we’ve got some exciting news – the Talents and Arms & Equipment chapters are now updated for Beta 1.02 and are live.  You can download them here and view the changes we made here.

We’ve removed Enchantments and Special Materials from the Arms & Equipment chapter, because we want to rework those.  We weren’t exactly happy with their presentation in the previous versions of the ruleset, and we’ve got some ideas to make them better.  Rather than take any more time without releasing these to version 1.02, we decided to remove them.  They’ll be back in time for Beta 1.03.  In the meanwhile, you’ll have a whole new category of toy to buy:  real estate!

One of the things we think helps drive investment and caring on the part of players in the game world is owning property within it.  Not, specifically, so that you constantly have to defend it from threats, but instead to have a specific piece of the world you can call your own.  Some of our favorite games had characters who owned bars or taverns, a mansion on a dangerous frontier or some other form of property.  So we’ve made sure to put that in Equipment, and it’s affordable enough that many characters will be able to buy some real estate at character creation.

I’m beginning to wonder if a better name for the “Arms and Equipment” chapter wouldn’t be “Stuff You Can Get.”

I think the real gem of this chapter set, though, is the Talents chapter.  We’ve reduced the number of Talents available by approximately 100, and cleaned up the descriptions for the Talents that remain to make them as tightly-worded and clear as possible.  We never cared for situations where you would see a Feat in a product and say to yourself that would be perfect, but once you flipped to the actual Feat’s description you would find that it didn’t do quite what its description said and there were a bunch of caveats to go with it.  So we didn’t design that way.

As a result, most Talents are only one or two sentences long, and appear solely in the charts.  They let you “break the normal rules” in this one specific way.  We tried to distill every Talent down to as short a description as possible, but in some cases that just wasn’t going to work.

Familiars and Prayer come immediately to mind.  Those Talents provide a lot of utility, and require a lot of explanation.  So we provide that additional explanation in the back of the chapter for those Talents, and mark them in the chart with a * to indicate that they have such a description.

This is a pretty different design from most Talent/Feat-based systems, which provide an additional explanation for everything.  We’re hopeful that this will work nicely and be engaging for users.

But only you can tell us!  Please have a look and let us know what you think of these ideas in the comments below.