Monthly Archives: July 2014

Push Yourself to Your Limits

Strain. There are a lot of games out there that use some kind of mechanic that allows your character to strain, giving you more success or more benefit or more action in exchange for draining a limited pool of resources.  This is a mechanic we’ve always rather liked, but there always seemed to be something… Read More »

Smoother Conversations, Combat Variety

Hello and welcome! This week we have for you the 1.02 updates for Social Interaction and Combat.  We got some new ideas while we were updating them, specifically about how we could improve the rules to make them less complex while providing the same play value and even expanding options.  As a result, we had… Read More »

Forthright and the New Edition

Hello and welcome! Today I share a little history.  It’s been a rough week and I don’t have much else to share 🙂 Way back in 1998-1999, Ray and I started working on a project wherein we wanted to take 2nd Edition, mate it with GURPS, and come out the other side with a solid… Read More »

Talents and Equipment are 1.02!

Hello and welcome! This week we’ve got some exciting news – the Talents and Arms & Equipment chapters are now updated for Beta 1.02 and are live.  You can download them here and view the changes we made here. We’ve removed Enchantments and Special Materials from the Arms & Equipment chapter, because we want to… Read More »