A Leaf on the Wind

By | June 14, 2014

Hello all!

As we shore up the next 3 chapters for Beta 1.02, I’d like to share a recent piece by Arthur Asa for the Driver Vocation.  This is probably my favorite piece for the Forthright Open Roleplay book so far; I’ve never seen anything else quite like it in a roleplaying book, and Arthur was able to really able to make the action and danger in the piece shine:

Driver Iconic

The Driver in Forthright Open Roleplay can pilot any vehicle; including a vehicle as bizarre as this kart-sized, wing-flapping, propeller-driven impossible machine.  I love this badass dwarf pilot, juking her vehicle just enough to avoid the flames of a dragon even as she tries to hold her burning vehicle together.  The sunlight on one side of her and the firelight work together to identify how much danger she’s in, and the dragon’s twisted posture illustrates just how strangely these sky-serpents move in their natural environment.

I couldn’t be happier with this piece, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!