Monthly Archives: June 2014

Required Magic Items

Hello once again! This weekend it’s time for Con Temporal in Raleigh, so if you have an interest in steampunk or Victorian-era gaming, you might want to check it out! This week I’ve been preoccupied with looting, magic loot, gold values and the like.  This is in part because we have been making several editing… Read More »

A Leaf on the Wind

Hello all! As we shore up the next 3 chapters for Beta 1.02, I’d like to share a recent piece by Arthur Asa for the Driver Vocation.  This is probably my favorite piece for the Forthright Open Roleplay book so far; I’ve never seen anything else quite like it in a roleplaying book, and Arthur was able… Read More »

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!

Hello again!  This week the second batch of materials updated for Forthright Open Roleplay‘s 1.02 Beta is being released:  the Personas, Vocations, Fighting Styles and Skills chapters.  They are on the site and you can check them out here.  For a list of the changes we’ve made, check out the Beta Changelog. Continuing the 1.01 to… Read More »

209 Days of Writing!

Today is the 209th day since we started writing “production text.”  Just tonight we finished the 1.02 Beta rewrite of the Vocation, Fighting Style and Skills chapters, and began working on the 1.02 rewrite of Talents.  Expect to see Persona, Vocation, Fighting Style and Skills updated and on the website Saturday!