Monthly Archives: May 2014

The Simplification of Magic

Hello once again! The Personas and Vocations chapters have been rewritten, and the Fighting Styles chapter is currently in process.  It’s been slow going with these because Personas, Vocations, Fighting Styles, Skills, Social Interaction, Combat and Magic are all chapters which interact with each other, and we’re taking the opportunity to clean up and shore… Read More »

Bye-bye, Splodey Dice

Hello once again! This week the first batch of 1.02 Beta materials is being released.  We’ve revamped the Introduction, Your Game, Your Fellowship, Your Character and Your Backstory chapters, with Your Fellowship and Your Character seeing the most significant changes.  You can download copies of these new chapters here. We’re hammering our final design home… Read More »

Player Skill and Social Interaction

Dice are the ultimate arbiters of success in Forthright Open Roleplay – and that remains true in social interactions. People occasionally discuss how understanding the person running a roleplaying game is the most important part of talking to NPCs. Our ruleset models something different: understanding your fictional conversational partner is most important. All characters in… Read More »

The Probability of Try

The default assumption of Forthright Open Roleplay is that all players can make meaningful contributions in combat, social interactions and skill use. This goes against the concept of niche protection found in some RPGs. The challenge is to make sure our rules don’t work against that design goal. That’s one reason we removed attribute scores… Read More »

Making an Impact

Sand in the eyes. Kicks to hobble a man’s legs. And the playtester whose character shoved a sword through the floor of a hayloft above him to make an enemy soldier fall over the railing. These are just a few of the combat maneuvers people have tried during playtests of Forthright Open Roleplay. It’s been… Read More »