Random Characters: On the Road

By | April 9, 2014

In this installment of Random Characters, I present a small selection (d6 rollable!) of characters for your group to meet during their travels. These are quick sketches based on the generator output. You can read more about the game terms in the complete current ruleset.


  1. Noyondo, Heir of House Moontree travels by himself in the form of a large dog, concealing his identity. He will happily join any group where he is well-treated, and doesn’t consider it beneath him to do tricks for food and cuddles. He will reveal his true form if the group needs help in combat, or at his destination where he will generously reward the group for being decent people. If he finds the group’s conduct distasteful, he will leave in the night. If attacked, he will retreat until cornered.

    • A Fey Orc Aristocrat / Totemic / Comedian: Known for being carefree, having run away from home or other responsibilities, and pursuing knowledge.

  2. Griki “You Stinking Drunk” Butcherson staggers down the road, completely drunk, shouting hoarsely after a wagon that has apparently left him behind. Griki will do magic tricks, sing, or share his surprisingly copious stores of alcohol if he is given a ride. He will endure any insult and return them in kind. He will only take part in combat if directly attacked; he’d much rather drink and shout encouragement to whichever side has treated him best.

    • A Kobbold Carouser / Mystic / Entertainer: Known for being mouthy, having a dedicated rival, and pursuing a title and the recognition of others.

  3. Middi “Magpie” Clan Grimguts walks down the road alone on her way to the nearest elven settlement to find her mother. She will talk at length about how she was wrongly thrown out of her clanhold for stealing (whether or not she actually did is up to you, but she maintains her innocence). She takes offense if the players make any obvious attempt to secure their valuables. In combat, she attacks with abandon, laughing maniacally when she takes or makes a hit.

    • A Dwimmer Sage / Glory Hound / Armsmancer: Known for being greedy, maintaining that the accusations against them are completely false, and pursuing the acquisition of loads of cash.

  4. Mupo Hardshell waits patiently beside a large ferry raft at a river crossing miles before the next bridge. She knows quite a lot about the area and is happy to share her knowledge. If attacked on land, she’ll retreat across the river. If attacked on the ferry, she attempts to swat offenders overboard.

    • A Draconid Diplomat / Guardian / Sailor: Known for being reckless, having a dedicated rival, and pursuing the acquisition of loads of cash.

  5. Gwenien pulls a handcart bristling with finely made weapons down the road. She immediately sets off again if anyone attempts to touch her goods without permission, or if she notices an attempt to steal her property. She is otherwise pleasant and charming. If attacked, she will valiantly protect her goods. If the group protects her along the way to her destination, she may give them one of her weapons to help protect them in turn.

    • An Elf Weaponer / Flatterer / Brawler: Known for being protective, being relentlessly pursued, and pursuing personal perfection.

  6. Hallo Perri carries a load of cloth (and one carefully hidden roll of silk) back to his workshop. He talks openly about his research into his “friend”, a being from beyond the stars he summons in combat. The “friend” sometimes hangs around after combat, burbling politely while wriggling just a little too close for comfort. If asked about his research, the gnome will say it has been a great boon that his “friend” tolerates vivisection.

    • A Gnome Summoner / Gambler / Outfitter: Known for being principled, having a shameful past, and pursuing apotheosis into something… more.