Random Character: The Transporters, Two Takes

By | April 2, 2014

A Hafelven Trickster / Driver / Pacifist: Known for being optimistic, having a dedicated rival, and pursuing creation of something new.

Game Terms: In Forthright Open Roleplay, a Hafleven is the child of an elf and a human.  A Trickster wears deception like it is a pair of comfortable shoes, and she can get quite far with a carefully considered half-truth.  A Driver can make any vehicle dance and makes travel much more convenient.  A Pacifist can’t fight (no Strike rolls allowed!), but can disarm those who attack her.  The order in which they are listed shows their relative competence. You can read more about the game terms in the complete current ruleset.

Londri Shreeporter is by me, and Captain James Chilton comes from Bryan.

Londri “Burly” Shreeporter

Londri grew up driving the cart and donkey full of her family’s produce to and from the town market. When she got older and left home to find her own way, she worked her way up through a coach company from porter to driver. Her coaches are always safe, since she either talks bandits and robbers out of their theft or drives away faster than pursuit can follow.

Her ambition and skill led her to create a company of her own and seek a royal commission for mail service. Her rival, a former friend who got her her first job at the coach company, believes that she stole his idea. He is using all his connections to try and get her commission denied in the hope that he can get it for himself

Captain James Chilton

James Chilton was born in a port city. His mother always told him his father was a sailor, and he loved her well enough to believe her. He learned young how to work his way around a lie with his easy good looks, glimmering smile and happy-go-lucky attitude. He made a career of wooing lonely and wealthy ladies until he was caught by a (rightly) jealous husband. They fought, he died, and James fled on a schooner bound for elsewhere with a vow on his lips to never raise his fists in anger again.

Over the next decade he turned out to be a skilled helmsman, piloting several ships until he became master of his own. He still uses his wiles to get what he wants, and has several times successfully convinced pirates that the cargo he has aboard simply isn’t worth their time. This has made him a particularly dedicated rival in Flaming Harkaen, a draconid pirate that James is careful to steer far clear of. He hopes to one day parlay his luck into a small merchant marine.

Using the Characters

Londri Shreeporter can be a PC or NPC, but works better in a game that isn’t limited to dungeons or other enclosed spaces.  As an NPC, she can be a trusted confidant who can get messages and people wherever they need to go.  If the PCs are friends with her rival (or one of the PCs is her rival), she can be a frustrating and ambitious obstacle that can only be chased down by a skilled Rider or Driver.  As a PC, she functions well as a getaway driver from dangerous endeavors, criminal or otherwise.

Captain James Chilton works well as a PC or NPC.  As a PC, he might be earlier in his career if the Guide does not want to make one PC in charge of the others.  He could also be the captain of the ship that the other PCs are passengers on, with his captaincy simply serving to let the PCs have a ship of their own.  He fulfills a similar role as an NPC, either as a mentor figure or someone to get the PCs, or the PCs’ valuable cargo, from place to place.