A Cool New Tool – The Forthright Concept Generator!

By | March 22, 2014

Hello again!

We are celebrating the 2-year anniversary of the founding of Room 209 Gaming this week.  We started this company in order to develop Forthright Open Roleplay and we’re close to finalizing that goal.  This was originally the weekend we were planning on publishing the beta Social Interaction chapter, but we’re polishing it up a bit more before we present it.  We’re pushing it back one week, to March 29th.

So this week, we’re instead presenting a new tool built by Sarah, the Forthright Open Roleplay Random Character Concept Generator.  You can use this concept generator to create 1 or more character concepts from the rules presented in Chapters 3 – 7 of the Forthright Open Roleplay Core Rulebook.

This Concept Generator will select a Species and three Roles for your character, as well as a Background, Personality and Goal.  The Roles are presented as Best / Good / Fair Proficiencies, but you can reorder them however you like.  There are over 33 quadrillion possibilities.

In addition, starting on March 26th, Sarah will be bringing a weekly column wherein she generates a random concept and develops a character or two from that single concept to illustrate the versatility of the Forthright character creation system.

Please check it out and enjoy the new toy!