Monthly Archives: February 2014

Arms and Equipment in Editing!

As of last night, the next chapter – Arms and Equipment – has been released to editing and I’m working on assembling all the notes on Social Interaction into a single, cohesive chapter.  Social Interaction is the centerpiece of Forthright Open Roleplay, and it’s imperative that we get it right with clear text and plenty of… Read More »

Handling Bonuses

Hello again! Today let’s talk about the way Proficiencies, Roles and Bonuses work in Forthright Open Roleplay.  Originally, we were looking at a straight d20-style method of character leveling: characters begin with minor or like bonuses, and as they progress through 20 levels they gain vast differences in power.  As playtesting progressed, though, this came to… Read More »

100 Days of Writing

It’s now been 100 days since we began writing the Forthright Open Roleplay open beta ruleset.  As of this writing, it’s at 80,259 words and we’re partway through Chapter Ten: Arms and Equipment.  We’re hoping to get it out this week, next week at the latest.  This chapter has proven much more of a challenge than I… Read More »

Setting Expectations with the Game Charter

Hello once again! With the character-creation rules posted and the actual play rules coming within the next few weeks, I’m going to turn to discussing the material present in what we’ve posted.  This way, I hope to provide some of the theory behind what we’re designing and how, in our playtests so far, we arrived… Read More »

Why “Forthright Open Roleplay”?

Hello and welcome back to the all-new Room 209 Gaming website! Here you’ll find art galleries featuring some of the art from the game, as well as the first nine chapters of the beta rules all in a beautiful new package. Commenting on posts is now available and welcomed, though you’ll need to sign in… Read More »