Light Armor

By | December 7, 2013


With folks looking toward the holidays and ourselves working on preparing a metric ton of surprises with our open beta materials (and a new website. . .with a new name and a new logo. . .), this month’s posts are going to be quick and fun.

We decided, like we did for weapons, to simplify and streamline.  We have two different types of armor, Light and Heavy.  Light Armor provides a smaller amount of Defense, but allows characters to move freely with no impediments.  Heavy Armor provides a larger amount of Defense, but Hinder Athletics and Stealth Skill Checks.

Light Armor by Arthur Asa


Arthur Asa has once again outdone himself by illustrating the variety and flexibility of the armor available in Infinite Earths.  Here you can see a Human, Gnome, Orc and Elf wearing different types of Light Armor.  As with weapons, Players don’t need to determine precisely the type and benefit of their Light Armor.  Instead, they decide that they want to wear Light Armor, and then they can describe that armor however they like.

Technically, this means that Players could describe their Light Armor as being a full body-encasing suit of metal.  And that’s great. . .but it still gets them the same benefits of Light Armor as anybody else’s Light Armor.  Must be some very brittle steel. . .or maybe it’s actually made of thin sheets of tin.

Thanks for reading, we’ll be back next week!