Monthly Archives: November 2013

Happy Post-Thanksgiving Shopping Weekend!

Thanks to fabulous new magics, we are able to bring you the voice of Lotho himself as he wishes you a happy post-holiday spending spree:   It is I, Lotho Green, of world famous (or not so much) Green Mercantile!  I am here wishing you a happy tidings now that you have eaten your turkey… Read More »

Immersion and Emergence

Hello and welcome! This column’s going to be a little more personal than they usually are, so fair warning: I’m going to get more than a bit into why we’re building what we’re building by delving into my own psyche.  What you see inside this column may feel to you to be an attack on… Read More »

Tension and Situational Design

Hello once again! This week I’ll be continuing our discussion of Fail-Next and Situational Story Design by exploring how to build and maintain tension.  To recap, Fail-Next is the method we’re using to build the challenges in Infinite Earths adventures, wherein nothing required for the story is dependent on dice-rolling and failures identify clues on potential… Read More »

Situational Story Design

Hello again! Last week, I introduced our concept of Fail-Next Design.  To recap, there are no “partial successes” in the design of Infinite Earths.  Instead, when actions are met with failure, this acts as an indicator to Players and Guide alike that something else must be tried to move the game forward.  Did you fail?  Try… Read More »

Dice and Emergence

Hello once again! One of the issues we’ve wrestled with here at Room 209 Gaming is the type of resolution mechanic to use for various systems and subsystems.  While I myself have always been partial to a unified d20 mechanic, Ray and Sarah have encouraged me to consider other die mechanics such as multi-d6 for… Read More »