The Character Art of Arthur Asa

By | September 14, 2013

Hello once again!

We haven’t shared some art in a while, and thought it was high time to share with you some of the work of Arthur Asa, the most recent of the fantastic artists working with us to make Infinite Earths amazing.  Arthur hails from Mexico and has an incredible eye for detail.  He’s been able to take some very difficult pieces and make them into people and places I really believe are living and breathing somewhere the next universe over.  You can visit his DeviantArt page here and his Facebook page here.

And so, without further ado:

The iconic Infinite Earths wizard, Gerthard the Wayfarer

Gerthard the Wayfarer enjoys a moment of conjuration.

Gerthard the Wayfarer is the last son of Lost Ilmathoré, the great nation destroyed by the march of the King of Sorrows.  He serves as the image of the Iconic Wizard in the core rulebook, and Players will be able to encounter him in the Oryn: Legacy of the Sun campaign setting.  Despite everything he’s seen in his nearly 500 years of life, he remains an idealist who enjoys the simple things in life.  Gerthard was one of the first characters created for the Oryn campaign setting, way back in 1995.

The ruler of the Flamehammer Dwarves, Athon

Athon, King Flamehammer, disapproves of your undwarvishness.

Athon king Flamehammer is the leader of the Flamehammer Dwarves and rules under the mountains near the kingdom of Talover.  A fighting king, Athon has led his people against denizens of the Far Deep for nearly 200 years.  His enchanted hammer can channel magma, and the heat of wielding it has left his hands as tough as stones.  He welcomes any challenge under the mountain.  He has defeated them all so far.

Kruul Razortusk astride his direwolf Bloodfeast

Kruul Razortusk doesn’t believe in “looking happy.”

Kruul Razortusk is one of the more warlike orcs of the Grand Plain, young and tough and angry at the constant fighting with the Longreapers of Talover.  He would take the fight to the heart of the human kingdom and punish them like Horghul Dax-Bor did years ago, leaving them too shattered and broken to threaten the orcs.  But Grom Hearthbreaker, Chieftain of the Plains, has grown soft.  And perhaps Grom will need to be replaced so Kruul can make his dreams of conquest a reality…

We hope you’ve enjoyed these images and a taste of the initial settings we’ll be providing for use with the Infinite Earths ruleset.  Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you next week!